Thursday, August 6, 2015

How I've Spent My Summer Vacation

        This has been a busy summer, and it’s not over yet.
It began with Vacation Bible School (VBS) the first week of June. My oldest grand was with me four of those five days, and the youngest for three. That was a hard week, because I had never taught VBS. I didn’t like VBS when I was a kid, because it always fell the week after school let out. I hated having to get up early for another week. My recent experience showed me two things: VBS still isn’t for me, but I like working with sixth-graders. 
As VBS ended, Daughter No. 2 and her husband joined us between closing on the house they sold and the one they were buying. The household was topsy-turvy during that week, but we did manage a trip to Spring Valley Water Park in Blountsville with the grands.
The third week of June I was supposed to be at a friend’s bay house in Elberta, near Gulf Shores, with both daughters and their families. Something came up, and Daughter No. 2 didn’t get to go, so I had to return early with Daughter No. 1. All was not lost, however, because we visited Bamahenge, dinosaurs and the Lady in the Lake at Barber’s Marina. I’ll save the details for another blog.
My brother, Gene, Aunt Lera & Me
During the middle of July, I flew to California to visit my brother and his family. I hadn’t seen them in almost three years. While there, my brother and I drove down to Sun City, near Menifee, to visit our dad’s last remaining sibling. Aunt Lera is 79, and I hadn’t seen her in nine years. She suffered a stroke a few years ago that rendered her left arm useless. She still has her wits about her, though.
Two days after returning from L.A., I did a site visit of three hotels that are under consideration as the host for the National Federation of Press Women’s 2017 communications conference in Birmingham. My conference co-director and I spent a night at the Sheraton downtown. After taking her back to Leeds, I came home, washed clothes and re-packed, then spent the next night with Daughter No. 2 and the grands before heading to Troy. That’s where I picked up my college roomy and BFF. We went to Tallahassee to visit mutual chums from college.
When I got home, I was bushed, to say the least. Now I’m trying to clear my slate so the grands can spend a few days with me before school starts. “Clearing my slate” is a euphemism for catching up on all the stuff that needs attending to, such as answering emails, writing this blog, spending an hour on the phone with Apple tech support, setting up doctor, veterinary and farrier appointments and planning a trip to Chattanooga with the grands for later this week. Whew!
        Like I said, it has been a busy summer, but it has given me much fodder for future blogs. Stay tuned.


  1. It wore me out just reading about it :)

  2. You've truly been busy, busy, busy! Maybe Fall will give you a much needed rest.